Stored Procedure Generator

"T4S Stored Procedure Generator generates more than 30 types of stored procedures for CRUD operations. It has powerful features like error handling (begin…try…catch), transaction handling, concurrency validation, joined sp, auto selection of join, etc… It supports Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 & SQL Express."
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T4S Stored Procedure Generator is a very feature rich database tool. It lets user to generate stored procedures to speed up development. With proper use of each & every feature, user can generate stored procedures as per his/her requirement. Key features are given below :

General Features

» 30 types of SPs can be generated
» Save & reload project
» Various options for SP body formatting
» Flexible SP naming convention
» SQL Server 2000,2005,2008 compatible
» Various SP generation options like generate SP in single file, table wise files, operation wise files
» Paging SP generation like select paging, select first record, select previous record, select next record, select last record
» Recursive SP generation like select in hierarchy for SQL server 2005 and higher version
» Support for dynamic SPs like SelectByWhereConditionOrderBy
» Quick SP generation of Insert, UpdateByPK, DeleteByPK, SelectByPK, SelectAll, SelectViewByPK, SelectComboBox SP...
» Shortcut in SQL server for quick access
» Database Documentation : Facility to export list of tables, columns, foreign keys

Advance Features

Select SP Features
» Joined SP generation
» Auto selection of join type (left outer join, inner join)
» Table wise foreign key column selection on which you want to perform join
» Table wise column selection which you want to display when that particular table is referenced.
» Table wise column selection for order by clause
» Operator selection based on column data type for SelectByColumnName SP like between operator for datetime data type, like operator for string data types.
Insert/Update/Delete SP Features
» Error logging
» Concurrency validation based on selected columns in update, delete sp
» Error handling with & without try - catch
» Transaction Commit – Rollback
» Various options to set primary key value
» Various options to return primary key value
» Various options for column default assignment
» Time logging for SP execution

Sumeet Chadha,
CynicalDoctor Ltd.,UK.

“Hi, A reasonably priced and feature rich SP generator. What I like about this program is that it does exactly what it is supposed to do, nothing more, nothing less.” [ read more ]

Paul Flynn,
Project Analyst,Chicago, USA.

“We firmly believe to work hard in a smart way. We use code generation techniques to speed up project development. We have used many database tools to generate... [ read more ]

Peter Wilson,

“I don't usually write emails to tool vendors but in case of T4S - Stored Procedure Generator I have to thank you as it has greatly increased my profit in terms of time saving. [ read more ]